Family Mental Fitness & Physical Wellness

Clinical professionals are available to provide counseling for individuals and families related to Attention Deficit Disorders, Attachment Disorders, Anger Management, Bereavement, Parenting Skills, Behavioral Disorders, Sexual Identity, Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Domestic Violence Prevention Workshops, Self-Esteem Building Workshops, Obesity and Nutritional Workshops and the minimization of the symptoms related to Mood Disorders are just a few of the services extended to families. Please inquire about additional services not listed.

Corporate Mental Fitness & Physical Wellness

MFPW provides a multitude of services for corporate organizations such as  Personality Testing, Cultural Enhancement, Stress Reduction, and Sexual Harassment Training, these are just a few services extended to corporations. We help clients gain coping skills and present an effective regime of strategies to handle the psychological issues related to stress in the work place. Additionally, we offer Career Counseling services, including job search training, career coaching, and intervention/prevention techniques relative to substance abuse.   Counselors can participate in corporate staff meetings, in-service trainings, and professional development sessions. Please inquire about additional services not listed.

Educational Mental Fitness & Physical Wellness

MFPW works with charter schools in the Chicago land area, to increase academic success and provide interventions to combat maladaptive behaviors, is just one example of how clinical counseling services reduce social, environmental, and behavioral impediments that complicate educational achievements. We provide individual and group counseling to students, staff and affiliated family units, with an emphasis on psychosocial-education and advocacy. Our utilization of referrals to social service organizations orientated to assist with extenuating personal, social, and familial crisis are a reflection of our collaborative relationship with neighboring agencies in each respective community.

Individual Mental Fitness & Physical Wellness

MFPW provides individual and group therapy to a variety of clients, with an emphasis and willingness to serve individuals of all social and economic statuses.  Therapeutic treatment is extended for most mental and personality based disorders.

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